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I've just got off the phone after checking the staus of my bike which I dropped off on monday in plenty of time for a half price sevice on tuesday. It seems that they have been short of staff but a little persistant questioning on my part has elicted a "we forget" confession from the boy at the other end of the phone. I haven't needed this bike all week as I've been off work so thought I would take advantage of a. not needing it and b. a cheap service, should have done it myself.
How the fcuk can you forget there is a bike lying around in your workshop for four days in need of some attention. The boy says he'll phone me back shortly with a completion date ???, I replied with 12.30 friday in time for my return to work. I'm not hopefull as he doesn't even know whether they have a replacement bb which I told them needs replacing way back on monday morning. Perhaps I'll go to work tomorrow and forget to do anything, wonder if I'll still get paid. Why do the simple things in life have to be so infuriating!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
Time for deep breathing and stretching excercies. My apologies.


  • if you want something doing....
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    Could it be possible that with a half price offer on, they were just a tad busy...
  • They maybe got distracted by having to deal with some customer coming in and ranting at them.
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    VinceEager wrote:
    if you want something doing....

    +1 - that's one of the reasons I do my own servicing.
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