SRAM XX crankset w/ SRAM Road gruppos

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Hi All,

Does anyone know whether SRAM's XX MTB crankset can be used with SRAM's road gruppos?

It's got 2 chainrings, same as the road stuff, but the 42-28 would be perfect for mountain sportives (e.g: Marmotte) as even a compact 50-34 would likely see me grinding on the steeper stuff.

I've got Rival GXP on my bike now, so could I drop in the XX GXP crankset in its place?



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    personally, I'd be more interested in dropping in a XX cassette if I needed 10spd low gears, rather than the chainset.

    A few other chainsets do lower-than-compact rings - Middleburn Duo, TA Carmina, Stronglight Oxale
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  • Great, thanks guys.

    I have 53/39 & 11-25 on my bike currently so I'm looking to minimise the necessary changes, hence the drop-in crankset replacement seemed the easiest option.

    If I went w/ a 32 or 36 on the rear I think I'd need to change the rear-der to a long-cage version too??

    I have to change the crankset anyway, so I figured that although the XX crank is expensive, it would cost about the same as (compact crankset + bigger cassette + long-cage rear der), and it would also make it real easy to switch between regular road and mountains setup.

    On cursory inspection, none of the Middleburn/TA/Stronglight support SRAM's GXP BB, so that's an extra change there. Will have to investigate more though to confirm.

    Thanks for the options though. More research to do :)

  • Check you can lower your front derailleur enough. If a braze on frame mount then it is unlikely you could get it low enough o achieve decent shifting with such a small front ring.
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    also, mtb front mechs pull more cable than road mechs, so you'd need to run a road mech with your road STI, which may be tricky to set up on the XX c/set.

    I've seen the XX c/set run with Red front mech, so it's certainly doable but how good the shifting is is another question.

    What's the Q factor on the XX?

    Most mtb chainsets are quite a bit wider than their roadie cousins, which may be a factor.
    Facts are meaningless, you can use facts to prove anything that's remotely true! - Homer
  • OK, further research reveals that the XX shifters use Exact Actuation, same as the road shifters, so there shouldn't be a problem w/ the front der. Also the chainline is exactly the same as the road gruppos at 44.5mm so that should be sweet as well.

    Looks like there's plenty of room on my frame as well, so maybe I'll just have to take the plunge and go for it :)
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    I could not get my SRAM Rival front mech to work with a Stronglight Oxale Two c/set when mounted on my Focus 'cross bike,the mech itself would not move out far enough to shift onto the big ring,investigate before buying..