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Inspiring Video - Womenzworks 2008

EmmaREmmaR Posts: 4
edited February 2010 in Women

Not sure if any of you ladies have seen this, but I think it's a pretty good showcase of womens biking...

I rode out in Whsitler last year and can confirm that some of those jumps are huge - very impressive to see them being ridden so well. I know it's inspired me to get out riding!




  • Looks fab, totally inspiring I agree and makes you wanna just go whaaaayyy doesn't it. If only I had a full suspension bike. I'm saving up and cannot decide which one to get either. If I tried that on my hardtail I would just noseplant, not very ladylike not to mention uncool.
  • PamPen25PamPen25 Posts: 111
    Just looked at the vid.........Totally awesome......I need more practice.......One day I will be as good and confident!!!
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