Alternatives to Salsa Vaya road adventure

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Hi all

The time has come to start thinking tentatively about this years C2W purchase, and I thought the decision had been made for me when I saw the Salsa Vaya road adventure on the front page of Bike Radar - what a gorgeous bike, and just what I need 0 something with lots of character, good for commuting and gentle trips round the park. And then I saw the price- 1350 quid for a bike with Tiagra 9spd!

So, can people suggest a similar alternatice with lots of character for a sensible price.


  • If you're wanting a drop-bar road bike with disc brakes, some options include...

    Genesis Croix de Fer (£1k) - there are a couple of owners on this forum, and they seem pleased with them.
    Kona Honky Inc (about £1100, I think) - don't know of any owners, tempted to get one myself.

    A useful place I found was ... ff-the-peg - there are loads on there, though I think many may no longer be made or are difficult to get hold of.

    If you're willing to buy a frame and build it up, a Kinesis Decade Tripster might be a good shout. (It's about £550.)

    Personally I think the Kona is the nicest looking of the 3 I've mentioned, but the rear brake mount is on the outside of the seat stay rather than between the seat and chain stays, which would make fitting a rack more difficult.