In the market for a new wheelset

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I'm relatively new to the road scene and currently have a Trek 1.2 as my day to day bike. I'm currently refurbishing a previously 'unloved' Pinarello FP5 and am looking to get a nice set of hoops (wheels) for it.

As i'm still finding my feet in the sport i do not want to go mad price wise as knowing me i will upgrade at somestage but was wondering if anyone had feedback on any budget'ish options that do not weigh a tonne ????

Noticed Ribble had a couple of deals on eg Shimano RS10's, these any good or cheap heavy rubbish ???!!!!

Budget is prob upto £200' ish at the moment but stretchable for something special.


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    The RS10s aren't as good as the RS20s which in turn aren't as good as the carbon laminated RS80s, you pays yer money and takes yer choice ... have a look at PX Model Bs, great value and great wheels ...
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    Countless "what wheels?" threads already - please use the search function before starting another....
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  • Try Merlin cycles.Offers on RS10s for £85 or RS20s for £100 at the moment,
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  • ribble have the r601 ultegra wheels on offer at the mo for £166 thats a real bargain, thats where my money would be going
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    RS80's a great wheel try Merlin's, they usually best price
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    Monty Dog wrote:
    Countless "what wheels?" threads already - please use the search function before starting another....

    I suppose replies like this one are helpful ??

    I appreciate other people may have posted similar threads but i actually took the time to specify some variables about budget, frame being used with and most importantly asking if people had come across any wowzer deals this week.

    To all the people that were civil and useful in their replies thank you.

    The R601's at Ribble look a good price !!!!


    I like shiny bikes - especially Italian ones.....!!
  • Ultegra wheels are great as I have a set but just be aware that some will only take the shimano 10 speed cassettes as they have higher splines - Standard 8/9/10 will not fit them - I have a set of 6600 SL and my SRAM Cassete does not fit that I have on a set of Mavics. I think the 601s are 10 speed only. The newest 6600 Ultegra may now be 8/9/10 and they are on offer at £200 on the internet - Agree that RS80 is a cracking buy for about £300/350. My son has RS10 Wheels and thay are good value/smart looking but a little more weighty - we paid about £85. Definitely check out the Planet X as prev suggested.

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    Actually, what we need is the "bargains" thread set up ages ago to include the "wheels of the week", for the best deals. Wasn't there a special on the R-sys wheels recently?

    Having said that, yes, press that little button labelled "search" and the world's your oyster :P
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    Having used both, the RS10 is much better than the R500 in every way, both similar price.