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Kenda Nevegal

handon94handon94 Posts: 137
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hi i was just wondering weather these tires were any good because they come on the bike im getting :lol:
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  • biff55biff55 Posts: 1,404
    they are on my mates bike and are pretty good all-rounders.
    coped well on all our rides on different terrains / all weathers.
  • afcbianafcbian Posts: 424
    They are consistently rated in the top 3 of What Mountain bikes best all round tyre
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  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    Depends which compound & bead they are.

    I have only used the folding bead Stick E (2.1" & & 2.35") and the DTC in 2.1" flavour.

    The 2.35 Stick E were really quite draggy running both front & rear, swapped to 2.1 F & R & it was a bit less draggy, stuck the 2.1 DTC out back & it's much better now, loads of grip up front & not too much drag.

    But saying that the Stick E are a soft compound so they will drag a bit, great up front, but not so good out back, hence the DTC/Stick E combo
  • richg1979richg1979 Posts: 1,087
    pretty good allround, but better wet/winter tyre. bit slow on the the harder stuff.

    id keep them on until the weather gets a bit better then just swap the rear one out for a small block eight.
  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 8,651 Forum Tart 2010
    Very good tyres - been more than impressed with mine. I have 2.3's with Kevlar bead. Need to check what compound they are, whatever they are really good on most conditions but probably a bit much for summer/hardpack conditions, as above, swap out with some 8-blocks ;)
  • I used 'small block 8', as they came with my new bike, until it got muddy last year then bought myself a couple of Nevegal. I was amazed at how much better they performed in the mud but made it really hard work to get anywhere on the roads. I then swapped the front tyre with a Specialised 'control' from my riding buddy so we are now both the same tyres - evens things out a bit!. The combination seems to work ok but to be honest this is my first year of riding in the mud so don't have a lot to compare it with yet.
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  • Depends where you ride,

    In Wales with rocky rooty tracks the norm, a set 2.35 of these are great, stick e on the front and DTC on the back as said before, you pay a little in climbs but hte rewards is great grip on the downs :) and lets be fair its all about grin factor hehe
  • I use Kenda Nevagals orKenda Blue Grooves on the front all year round and swop the back between Nevagals and Kenda Small Block 8 in drier weather. All are in the 2.35 size. Great grip and comfort with the SB8 rolling really well once it's not super muddy. Good tyres and reasonably priced to replace as well. (Around £20-25) :wink:
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  • Yes.

    The end.

    2.1 Stick-E front, DTC rear.
  • James TJames T Posts: 104
    Is there an appreciable difference between 2.1s and 2.35s?
  • Size,

    Depends on what you ride, a larger tyre body will give more grip, but more rolling resistance so it depends on your focus, Roung here al my trails are very rocky and rooty so there wider tyre works.

    If you ride smoother trails or bridal paths so on i would go slimmer 2.1.
  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    edited February 2010
    I've heard the OEM ones that come on some bikes are rubbish. Not the same tyre that is available separately.

    Only ever bought the tyres separately myself though.
  • maloomaloo Posts: 214
    The original Kenda Nevegals i got on my GT Avalanche where excellent, best all round tyre I have had yet.
  • handon94handon94 Posts: 137
    well thanks for the advice guys ill keep it in mind :)
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    giant talon 2 -

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  • I find that the DTC Lite are very good all rounders but haven't lived up to my expectations in boggy conditions. Overall a good all rounders though if your not keen on swapping between tyres inbetween different seasons.
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  • DamonCDamonC Posts: 263
    I found mine 2.35 Stick E front and 2.35 DTC rear great at trail centre/rocky environments but hard work in any wet/muddy conditions and clogged easily.

    So far I have found it difficult to find a tyre that works well in both environments. So I have switched to Maxxis Larsen TT's in 2.35 for trail centre work and Panaracer XC Pro 2.1 for wet/muddy rides.
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  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    James T wrote:
    Is there an appreciable difference between 2.1s and 2.35s?

    Oh yes :lol: I usually use a 2.1 front and rear- in all honesty it's all I ever need, Kenda's 2.1s are actually 2.1 across so they're actually bigger than most people's 2.3s. And it's not like I'm a total mincer, that 2.1 stick-e front's got me up and down innerleithen black, over mcmoab and down fort william red DH without an issue.

    But, bigger is better, right, so I got a 2.35 stick-e front and oh my word, the drag... The best comparison I have is Glentress red climb, on the 2.1s I get to the top fairly fresh and usually I'm waiting for other people to rest up at the benches etc. On the 2.35 I was dead :lol: Last to every stop, last to want to leave... Amazing how much of a difference it makes. The grip's huge though, they're very good but I couldn't live with them day to day.

    Still, I'll fire it back on for fort william next time and for uplift holidays and the like. Til then I'll stick with my 2.1 Nevegals, they're ace. Or an Excavator 2.1 on the rear.
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