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RPCC - Handing over the reigns...

Rich-TiRich-Ti Posts: 1,831

Due to work commitments, trying to build up my website and being a member of 2 clubs now (both of which I plan to do a lot more with) I can no longer spare the time to set up the RPCC thread and rides. In an ideal world I'd like someone to take over and continue to 'run it' in the manner in which it was intended, although I realise it may now just become an "is anyone out" thread much like this weeks thread was (and let's face it, there's nowt wrong with that).

I'm not necessarily looking to hand it over to anyone as in reality there is nothing to hand over - I guess I just feel an attachment, and consequently a need to formally announce my 'retirement' from this little establishment. :cry:

It's been a labour of love, started up from a need to get cycling, learn more about road bikes and group riding, learn the routes and lanes available to me and get to know other roadies. It's actually resulted in me making a whole new group of really great genuine mates who not only ride together but race, drink and go on cycling holidays together - a damn sight more than I could have ever asked for.

We never did decide on a jersey design which was kind of a shame, but there's no reason that it couldn't get to the kind of level where this becomes a consideration again for whoever else comes through the ranks now!

I rarely post on here these days, but I will post whenever we have a big ride planned - particularly the RPCC 'signature' CCC ride which will no doubt resurface in the summer. In the meantime, you can [url=hhtp://]find me on Twitter[/url] so feel free to follow, and please also keep visiting my site (sorry for the blatant plug)!

If you have any questions about any of the London clubs we have a good share of them covered amongst the original RPCC 'core' (Dulwich Paragon, Twickenham CC, Kingston Wheelers, London Dynamo, Rapha [both Pink and White Stripe options!]) so please feel free to drop me a line and I'll direct you to who knows about which clubs. Again, part of the reason for being of RPCC is that we were a group of individuals who weren't quite ready to join a London cycling club, but now would whole-heartedly advise and recommend it - if that trend continues it can only be a good thing.

So please, take care of my baby, keep arranging those rides, turning up, getting new folk along and so on. Most of all though, HAVE FUN :P :D 8)

Happy riding,



  • mididoctorsmididoctors Posts: 8,631
    it was a cool thing that worked

    a better winter may have created a stronger legacy for a hand over... bad luck with the weather

    I hope someone does take it up
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  • voxegamvoxegam Posts: 244
    RPCC did a great many things for a lot of people and I am certainly sad this day has come....I for one have met many really friendly people through it that has meant I don't have to ride alone when I'm back from Uni. You can certainly see the result of the added motivation it gave people to ride ,with many people starting racing and some impressive results coming out of it - more to come this summer I suspect. Thanks Rich for starting it up and keeping it going for so achievement to be proud of!
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  • NWLondonerNWLondoner Posts: 2,047
    It certainly was a good thing that you set up.

    Sadly I never managed to take full advantage of the rides but it did introduce new routes to me which I am eternally thankful for.

    If we ever see signs of spring :roll: and if someone else does take up the baton then I hope to make a reappearance.

    Thanks Rich for starting it up and hopefully "other" clubs may take note and introduce Saturday Club runs.
  • snakehipssnakehips Posts: 2,272
    I enjoyed the experience of the 20 or so miles that I managed with you one fine morning early last year and I have kept up with the threads since then.

    Hopefully something will emerge to take its place.


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  • J09J09 Posts: 122
    It will be a real shame if it does disappear... But I will do what I can to get some people out on the weekends from Richmond Gate.
  • nice one rich - i'm still always riding to through and from the park most days on short runs in and out of london and always glad of company.
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  • I'd be up for a ride every now and then and will keep an eye out for any that are being organised...
  • Rich - I really enjoyed the rides that I joined last year so thanks for getting this up and going

    Probably not ready for a club yet but certainly intend to be going out more with Spring just around the corner to begin to burn off the winter layer of insulation. Hope to see some of the RPCC guys out there and hope you won't mind if I use the name if I'm searching for riding partners on here

  • Rich-TiRich-Ti Posts: 1,831
    The name lives on Will - use it with pride! :D 8)
  • london-redlondon-red Posts: 1,266
    Ditto all the comments, nice one Rich.

    I think this was also set up for those who couldn't really commit to regular Sunday rides so joining a club was never really an option. I'll no doubt be dipping in from time to time (when wife and baby allow) to try and get out on the road so would appreciate people checking in to see what's going on...

    Saying that, I might also be moving to Harrogate :D

    Looking forward to it!
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  • london-redlondon-red Posts: 1,266
    I'd better work on my climbing...
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  • felgenfelgen Posts: 829
    Thanks for organising these threads for the past year and a bit Rich - I wonder if as part of this thread we should have a roll-call of anyone who made iit out on an RPCC ride. I suspect it would be 50+ names on it - which is a sign of its success.

    I think its a good thing that we have all moved on - to various clubs as you say, but it was the RPCC threads that got people out and riding, and Rich, Wilf and I (and my mate Dan who is now in NZ) made it out on a Sunday in October 2008 and then it snowballed with Phips and Myk-ee and Berns, Art Vandelay all making it out and making it qa regular fixture. What I think wad best was that it was very relaxed and wasn't cliquey and had no pretentions unlike some clubs which could seem intimidating. Everyone who came along said they enjoyed it.

    I hope that it carries on in some form - hopefully the same form. I look forward to making a C-C-C ride sometime this year, though if the racing continues like it has been I might be struggling for a free weekend to make it.
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  • gbsgbs Posts: 450
    Well, I am posting because that is the only way I know to subscribe to a thread. Last yr I managed 1 run only and very enjoyable it was - apart from Crocknorth Rd. I like the idea of the occasional ride in company without having to buy yet more kit and so will keep on eye on developments.

    Well done Rich.
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  • Replying to thread also to get in on notifications. I'm a newbie with many commute but few weekend miles under my belt. This coming weekend sees the start of my 2010 campaign with a mid distance Sportive kicking off at Esher - nice & close. Every weekend is a tough committement but would be good to become involved as & when I can.
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  • A top job over the last year on this Rich. I'll remember the early rides with wistful fondness. All those miles that we put in last winter set us up nicely for the rest of the year and because of them I've met some great friends.

    It's great that people are still keen to organise rides through this - it just needs one or two people with some of the commitment Rich had to keep the ball rolling.

    As Rich/Felgen said, there'll be the odd CCC (Capital to coast and back) ride posted up but if you want a weekly run just post a new thread.
  • Just a line to say thanks to Rich and the regulars. I did a few and always enjoyed them. I look forward to CCC's.
    Maybe someone will take up the reins and launch a new reign!
  • Mark73Mark73 Posts: 146
    Thanks for some great rides gents and thanks to you Rich for all your efforts. Its a shame but totally understandable. Good luck with your club rides Rich and maybe see you for a special RPCC ride in the future.

    I am still well up for the RPCC rides. I will try my best to put a post up if I am heading out, but a new baby and some stupid work commitments seem to be making it really hard for me to get out at the moment. As soon as I can though I will.

    Thanks again Rich
  • I only managed to come once for the RPCC, but it was great fun (at least for me, maybe not as much for everyone who had to wait for me at the top of each hill :S)

    Thanks a lot for organising Rich, best of luck for the club rides, and hope to see you some time in the future!
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  • RC21RC21 Posts: 166
    Had some great runs when i managed to make it out although struggled on the hills :)
    Thanks for keeping it going for so long and being so friendly

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