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Wiggle...Get your friends free stuff and make commission

SlamdunkinSlamdunkin Posts: 355
edited January 2010 in MTB buying advice
How's this for a deal?
Your friends will get a free dhb triple lens glasses
You will get a voucher for 10% of their first order total!

1.Enter a friends email address below
2.They follow the link in the email we send them and make their first order at wiggle.
3.As long as it's over £50 we'll send them a pair of dhb triple lens glasses, normally £24.99, for free with the first items despatched from that order.
4.We'll send you a voucher for 10% of the value of your friends invoiced order.
Here's the regularly sized small print:
•You must be a wiggle customer and must have ordered from wiggle before.
•Your friend must spend over £50
•Your friend must make the purchase within 6 weeks of being referred using the email address you have given us below.
•It must be your friends first wiggle order - we will be checking.
•If their order is shipped in multiple despatches we will send you your 10% voucher out to you each time a package is sent.
•Each 10% voucher will be valid for 90 days.
•You cannot use any other gift voucher with your order.
•This offer applies only to purchases made solely online.
•We do not condone the willful sabotage of your friends bike in order that he has to spend more giving you a bigger voucher!
And that's it!


  • If anyone who isn't already a wiggle member wants the free glasses, just ask and I'll refer you.
  • Can some one tell me how to open private messages, I can find it.
  • Matt NMatt N Posts: 160
    haven't bought anything from wiggle yet, so when need arises (which it inevitably will) i hope you don't mind me pm'ing you :)
    If calsberg made bikes... they'd probably be the best bikes in the world

    ’My Spesh’
  • If you pm me your email now Matt, you'll get the free cycle glasses with you first order over £50
  • ashfanmanashfanman Posts: 186
    What you definitely SHOULDN'T do is set up a different email account to refer yourself from, because that way you'd get the glasses and the 10%-of-order-value voucher. No sir.
  • I'd assume wiggle have thought of the obvious, and that will only work if you have 2 addresses 2 names and 2 cards in different names with different addresses on.
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