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Any recommendations on where to get a full service, i live in the south near Reading.


  • Andy B
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    DIY, cheaper & more satisfying. for servicing how to's.
  • Pedal on are near you.

    No expereince of their service myself as do mine myself.
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  • Ive been to pedal on, dosen't look too bad. Just when you hand your bike over to someone you wanna make sure your getting a good job done.

    Evan cycles seem quite reasonable?
  • ride_whenever
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    evans are a bit of a rip-off.

    If i were you i'd take a day trip to the cycle centre in oxford, it's not too far and they'll do a full service and strip clean for £79.99 but i believe they have some sort of discount on atm. Give them a ring and they should be able to do it same day on saturday.
  • Do you have any details of that place in Oxford? Have you used them?
  • ride_whenever
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    Yeah, they're pretty new, but the work is pretty good IME. I'll certainly be going back.
  • skullthaw
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    ur garage and a mantanance book its cheaper and good fun doing it yourself
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  • gaz047
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    +1 for doing it yourself, if you don't have any/many tools then it can seem expensive initially, but in the long run you'll save a packet and i find it v.satisfying
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