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Threaded fork

KiblamsKiblams Posts: 2,423
edited February 2010 in MTB buying advice
I have an old steel Raleigh mountain bike that I use for commuting, and I need to fit a rigid fork.

Sounds simple right? Just go and get a 1" threaded fork from ebay for £10 right? Wrong! The bloody frame needs a 180mm steerer and try as I might I can't seem to find one that will fit anywhere :cry: My LBS only have 700c forks with steerers long enough.

If anyone has any idea where I can get one I will forever be in your debt :D


  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 8,651 Forum Tart 2010 - look in the classifieds and post this in the 'wanted' section
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    1" threadless fork and cut threads into it?

    Or try giving walton street cycles a call in oxford, they've got a lot of old steel forks kicking around.

    How old is the bike, might it be 26tpi as well?
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    1" threadless fork and cut threads into it?

    Not usually possible as threadless forks have thicker walls and the stem won't fit into the forks

    How old is the bike, might it be 26tpi as well?

    Another consideration as threaded headsets are 24tpi except for the odd raleigh thread pitch. Looks like a new headset also.
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    or just go threadless.
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  • KiblamsKiblams Posts: 2,423
    Thanks for the suggestions guys, The threads are not an issure as I have a stripped BSO which I can take the headset off if I need to. :D

    I found a fork on ebay last weekbut was outbid at the last moment, I guess I will have to just keep looking and ask around.
  • KiblamsKiblams Posts: 2,423
    Managed to find a 1" threaded fork with a massive 250mm (150mm threaded) steerer! :D

    A little over what I had hoped to pay (£25) but I am chuffed I can finally finish the retro commuter properly :D
  • Kiblams You bought that fork yet?

    What colour are you after, I think the one off the old Morrison Sidewinder sat in my garage might fit. If it does, you can have it @ postage cost.

    Will need to check it first though.
  • KiblamsKiblams Posts: 2,423
    Kiblams You bought that fork yet?

    I have yeah :cry: The one I have bought is black but I really didn't care which colour it was as the bike is used for commuting; the uglier the better TBH. I would leave the seized suspension forks on but they probably look appealing to theives and fitting mudguards to them is a bloody nightmare.

    Thanks anyway though. :D
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