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Shimano LX brakes and Hope rotors compatibility?

GavinCapstickGavinCapstick Posts: 19
edited January 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi folks hoping someone can give me some help?!!

I'm currently riding a Merlin Malt 1 with Shimano LX M585 disc brakes but I'm in the process of building a new bike up - van nic frame with Rohloff hub.

I've bought my Rohloff and had it built into a Mavic rim and bought the Hope four bolt Rohloff specific 160mm rear rotor. At the same time I bought a matching mavic front wheel built onto a Hope hub and bought a 183mm floating Hope Rotor to go on the front.

I was initially planning to buy some Hope X2 brakes so this all made sense. Since then the funds have run a bit tighter and the rear hub on my Merlin has broken. So rather than spend good money gettng the Merlin fixed up only to then sell it in a couple of months, I was considering stripping it and selling the parts and keeping the LX M585 brakes to put on my new build.

So can anyone help me with some advice on compatibility? I'm guessing that the 183mm front rotor won't be compatible - but if I swap it for the 180mm Hope floating rotor will it be compatible with the LX brakes? And will the 160mm Hope rotor at the back work ok as it is?

Also presumably I will need to buy some new mounts? Particulalry upfront to space the calliper correctly for the 180mm rotor? Should I be getting shimano ones or hope ones?

Cheers for any help.

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