Juicy 3.5's

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I see the Juicy 3/5/7's have been super seeded by the 3.5's

Anybody have any experience/read anything about them, struggling to find info via google. I think the Elixirs may be bit too much for my budget but am concerned that all the problems/issues I have read about surrounding the 3's and 5's may still exist with the 3.5's

Surely Avid will have sorted out the problems before launching the 3.5's????


  • biff55
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    i wouldn't expect the 3.5 to be a massive upgrade over the 3's.
    was recently mentioned in another post that juicy range is being phased out.
    try and find the money for elixir 5 's , alot better brake if you wanna stick with avid.
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    the only difference between 3's and 3.5's as far as i can see is the split clamp lever...
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    Merlin do great deals on elixir brakes