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I was just walking over a bridge when...

BigStu2BigStu2 Posts: 794
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    should have moved back!
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    :shock: :D
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  • BriggoBriggo Posts: 3,823
    Erm, ouch.

    The pedestrian clearly sees the lorry with the raised container as he stops, must have been one of those "Oh dear I'm about to meet my death" moments.

    Edit - Watched it again, at the end is that red car trying to drive past all the rubble? If he is you have to love some people....
  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    Yeah, looks like it :roll:

    There were two people on the other end of the bridge as well, they just disappeared in the dust and debris. Apparently no-one was killed :shock:
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