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Tyre Mix

jordanweeksjordanweeks Posts: 13
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Hi, I'm hoping to get a quick response to this for the weekend! :o)

I'm currently running a set of Vittoria Rubino 700 x 25 on my bike. I'm happy with them and want to stick with them, however, sliced the sidewall on one by riding somewhere i shouldn't have done. Vittoria seem to have discontinued the 25c in red and now only do a 23c in red.

My question is: Can i mix a 25c and a 23c on my bike, if so, is there a better option for which goes on the rear?

Your help will be much appreciated!




  • skyd0gskyd0g Posts: 2,540
    It's fine to mix sizes - usually with the fatter tyre on the rear, as this takes more weight.
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  • Thanks... that was super quick!

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