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I bought a cube road bike last April and rode it until late November when I changed to an older Dawes for the winter. My issue is that the Dawes a feels a lot more comfortable and handles better when cornering and decending.
My Cube has only got a 90mm stem and a very small set of bars. As ive spent a couple of grand on the bike I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on a set of bars and a 140mm stem so I can get some enjoyment out of her, or any other suggestions.

Always make sure you get measured up properly :cry::cry:


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    The Dawes may feel like that partly due to more relaxed geometry, and frame material. I'm assuming you've measured reach, saddle setback etc and compared?

    Given the outlay, it may be worth spending £50 or so on a fitting session, and they will let you try out different stems etc rather than trial and error. I went 20 years without a proper fit and thought I had a good position, but last year paid out the cash and it turned out some quite big adjustments were made. The result is much more comfortable and faster.
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  • Thanks for advice, i will call in to CRC for a proper fitting