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Giant man congratulates tiny Contador....

voxegamvoxegam Posts: 244
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Is it just me or does this picture look really Contador really that small or Sanchez just huge?!? I mean I realise Bertie may be sitting on his top tube but still...

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  • GrimoneGrimone Posts: 95
    He is a big lad, remember seeing him on Alpe D'huez at the 08 Tour, he was doing no handed in the bunch with 5k's to go and looked massive then!
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  • Sonny73Sonny73 Posts: 2,604
    HA that's a crazy pic, he does look massive; according to Wikipedia Sanchez is 6 ft 1.5inch tall and Contador is 5ft 9.5inch tall. So as you say, put the fact that Contador is sitting on the top tube and bingo... giant Sanchez!! Still agreed does look odd :lol:
  • andypandyp Posts: 9,009
    A salutary lesson in the dangers of doing too much HGH perhaps? :wink:
  • moray_gubmoray_gub Posts: 3,328
    andyp wrote:
    A salutary lesson in the dangers of doing too much HGH perhaps? :wink:

    make a good caption pic that one

    Bertie to Luis ........".put it here bro for beating the Puerto rap" :wink:
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  • Nah - Berty Baggins is a hobbit
  • SpaceJunkSpaceJunk Posts: 1,157
    Not as bad as this one though:

  • Tim FarrTim Farr Posts: 665
    Sanchez is slightly nearer the camera than Contador - so that's another factor. Apparently it's an old anglers trick - hold the fish out in front of you. I have a photo circa 1930 of my Grandad holding a salmon alongside his 9 year old daughter (my auntie) with a small trout. Grandad holds the salmon at arm's length, and my auntie has her fish close to her body. The effect - the salmon looks huge, the trout looks to be a sprat.
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