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Teenage girl school commuting cycle

scillycyclistscillycyclist Posts: 4
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Hi everyone, I suspect this as been asked plenty of times already but...
My 13 year old daughter has grown out of her 24" Mongoose mountain bike and is ready for a small 26" or perhaps 700c bike.
I've spent ages looking for a decent spec bike with a good range of alloy components that won't self destruct in our salty Scilly climate. Any ideas or opinions gratefully received.
Oh and it needs to be able to mudguards and a rack having seen the amount of kit that has to go to school everyday down a muddy path.

Are Girl /Woman specific designs any good?
What about Edinburgh bikes Revolution kit (seems too cheap to be true in the sales?!)
We're past having to be "girly" now.

Many thanks in advance from a confused dad who's seeing his little girl grow into a teenager!


  • simon_esimon_e Posts: 1,692
    Your requirements read like a spec list for an Islabikes Luath (road/cyclocross) or Beinn (flat-bar) models. I'm a big fan of the brand, as are many others on here. You won't find a better quality child's bike anywhere and they offer tyre, rack and other options.

    I don't really know about Edinburgh Co-Op's bikes but the few comments I've seen have been favourable. Try the search on other cycling forums e.g.
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  • tomb353tomb353 Posts: 196
    might be worth getting her a proper dutch situp & beg with chain case to keep oil off clothes, if its just for commuting and pootling about no point in buying a sports bike. do the gazelle kids bikes but sounds like you could shop around and find an adults bike that would fit her.
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  • nikstar1nikstar1 Posts: 103
    i love the islabikes, i would definitely recommend one from their range.
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