RPCC Ride - 30th Jan

tyskie Posts: 252
Anyone around for a ride out Saturday morning - 9am Richmond Gate?

It's gonna be chilly with a bit of a breeze but sunshine is forecast. Nothing too long/fast as I've got a bit of work to do to get my fitness back after a couple of relatively lazy months.


  • felgen
    felgen Posts: 829
    I hope to be racing Saturday so no can do. Sunday is only possibility for me and I usually have laziness attack on sundays.
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  • I'm gonna try and get out tomorrow for a spin too. What's the plan for the ride tomorrow?
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  • tyskie
    tyskie Posts: 252
    I'm going to have to give it a miss now - need to finish something for work tomorrow morning. Apologies for setting up the thread and then ducking out.
  • No worries, anyone else interested in riding tomorrow?
    2010 Lynskey R230
    2013 Yeti SB66
  • Myk-ee
    Myk-ee Posts: 276
    sorry, i'm Hillingdon'ing it. then Hell of the ashdown sunday.

    Hope some folks make it out for spin..

    It's the vibe of the thing.
  • J09
    J09 Posts: 122
    Anyone thinking of going out tomorrow?

    I need to get some long and slow rides to get the legs going again...[/code]
  • mookie
    mookie Posts: 29
    I'll be going to Box via the south side of Ranmore if that appeals - 9.30am from Kingston Gate. Fairly steady pace.