what bike is going to be best for winter

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hi guys,
i need help
boss has set up tax efficient bike scheme which i want to take up but the partnering shops are not able to offer a great choice so i need help and best advice. i have £1000 to spend on a bike - i have gotten it down to follwoing choices

1. giant
2. specialized
3. claud butler
4. genesis

HELP PLEASE - bike will do 2 x 15 miles per day and up to 60 miles at weekend plus occassional 100

thanks in advance
older, balder, faster, slimmer, better


  • cougie
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    Those aren't bikes - just makes - there must be dozens of bikes that fall under your descriptions.

    What bike do you ride now ? Do you like that ?

    You could get a v nice road bike there - perfect for you weekend rides - but I would get one that at least will take crudguards - and preferably full guards - much comfier in the wet.

    You could also get a thick tyre flat bar hybrid - perfect for commuting maybe but not so good for long weekend rides.