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Dolan Multicross...mine.

simonnsimonn Posts: 88
edited January 2010 in Your road bikes

Thanks to C2W malarkey:



60cm frame,105 except cantilever BR-R550 brakes,Aksiums...think that's about it really!




  • redjeepǃredjeepǃ Posts: 531
    Nice. I just bought an old (8-10 year old) ali Terry Dolan in black with a carbon fork and 105 groupo as my winterbike. It had only done a very low mileage and has quite retro cool rims and hubs on it.

    Very pleased with it. I couldn't justify another new bike as I splashed out during the summer on a new roadbike.

    BTW - we've also got the same sofa. Spooky....
  • simonnsimonn Posts: 88
    Hi Redjeep!,

    More than a little concerned at the similarities,hah-hah!

    Nah,good to hear that Dolans hold-up after a few years.Mine will be rack'd and pannier'd this Summer...I think it's solid enough even with a lardissimo like me onboard!


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