1.8 or 2.0 Bontrager Mud X (and tubeless or not?)

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I thought I'd managed to choose a set of winter tyres for my Boardman HT Pro without starting yet another tyres thread. As most of my riding is on the fast open South Downs with its infamously slippy mud on chalk combination, plus hopefully some singletrack stuff in the woods (not sure what winter conditions are like, certainly great in the summer) I did a fair bit of searching and concluded that the Mud X were the way to go. Then on grounds that I want something fast and that skinnier mud tyres cut through the mud better I ordered the 1.8" size. So far so good. Then reading some stuff about dealing with greasy roots I then thought that maybe a 2.0 would be better up front to run a lower pressure and thus be less likely to slide off course. Now I am confused.

Also as these tyres are tubeless compatible would I be missing out if I stuck with the tubed approach?



  • Unless you have heavy clay,which causes a problem with mud clearance,I personally would perefer the extra cushioning of the 2.0.
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  • Well I ended up with a 2.0 up front, 1.8 at the back, running tubed for the moment. Gave them a good workout over the downs on Saturday and they were a revelation! I know I should have expected a lot more grip and traction in slippery conditions from the Mud-X than from the original Speed Kings but I didn't expect the difference to be that great. Ran the front at 28psi, back at 35psi. Reassuringly tail happy handling with a very secure feeling front end. Didn't notice much (if any) extra drag, which was nice.
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    running them toobless is even better :)