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Have I Killed My Chain?

waddliewaddlie Posts: 542
edited January 2010 in The workshop
My bike has a KMC X8 chain with a missing link thingy.

After a muddy ride I gently hosed my bike down. And forgot to re-oil the chain.

I then attached my bike to the back of my car and drove it around for 500 miles in the rain, keeping it outside in the rain for two nights too. The chain went a lovely orange colour. It has now been scrubbed, de-gritted and re-oiled and I'm hoping I may have got away with it without having to buy a new chain.

However, rather than read the instructions for the missing link, I used an old skool chain splitter to force the pin out of, and back into the link rather than just sliding them along to split the chain.

I'm commuting in tomorrow and I have a horrible feeling I've killed the link where I split it and that the chain will fail on the way in.

Would someone be kind enough to offer words or reassurance, or break the bad news to me gently?
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