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Iron Horse Sunday Elite

bells0bells0 Posts: 414
edited January 2010 in Your mountain bikes
Picked this up last Sept from a member on here. Is the 2008 version, i got it with hardly any miles on her.

Not changed much, stuck some 760 wide Element flat bars on, Shimano M647 Spuds and some special edition Peaty world champ grips on. Tyres changed over to Swampies for the winter.

Not truly tested it to it's limits yet as only had it out at Stainburn and my local woods. Plan on a trip to Hamsterley when the weather gets warmer and a foray at the uplift at Inners.

Amazing how plush it is compared to my XC rig [Trek Fuel EX8] - like riding on a hovercraft!! The Totems have been awesome so far, would love some 2010 Boxxers on it, but don't think they are needed.







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