Cycling down (closed) ski runs

GenevaCamper Posts: 33
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Anyone on here tried it?

Thinking of fitting my MTB with some schwalbe ice spikers and attempting a few blue runs after hours (assuming the snowcats aren't out).


  • touchy
    touchy Posts: 60
    There's no need for spikes on snow.
    They only work on ice because it's solid. Loose snow will not work like that because the top layers can slide against the snow underneath.

    I'v never riden on piste but i dont imagine it will be brilliant fun because most runs are wide and flat - the way skiers like them.

    It would be fun to do just to see what it's like - but dont waste your money on spiked tyres.
  • chrisga
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    And watch out for cable dragged piste bashers on steeper slopes. Not sure where you are planning on doing it but we heard a story of a skiier being decapitated in Verbier when skiing "after hours". Thought he would get some nice runs in on groomed pistes in the moonlight. Only prob was there was a piste basher being dragged up by cable which was at approx neck height.....

    Stay safe kids!