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Best womens mtb for £300-500 ??

robadubrobadub Posts: 70
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My girlfriend wants to take up biking and is after a bike for around the above price (definitely no more than 500)

she will be using it for some light trails nothing very strenuous at all though

she is 5ft2 so could also do with a bit of advice on frame size, obviously she will have to try before she buys to check the fit

all advice greatfuly recieved



  • miss notaxmiss notax Posts: 2,572
    Hiya :D

    I can't offer any specific advice as i'm no expert on whats available, but I would say a) have a hunt on Ebay and don't discount a second hand bike (lots more for your money!), and b) try both women-specific bikes and mens bikes. I am about 5ft 4 and I ride a mens bike with a small frame.

    Hope that helps!
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Trying is the best way - frame size varies so much. As above, try both mens and womens.

    £500 buys significantly more bike than £300 - usually much better forks and brakes.
  • I am 4' 11" and started out on a 14" Kona Blast which did me fine for about 2 years and I raced XC on it (changed the forks after a while). I found it grand for starting out, and it is pretty bombproof.

    Here is one on Whitstanleys for £329 ... _Bike_2009

    If you keep an eye out, there are usually good deals for 14" bikes which Id say would fit her but again, probably best off to have a go on another persons bike to see what frame size would suit her. As supersonic has said, if you spend more you will get better components. Definitely go for a hardtail to start off with as it will improve her handling ability.
  • Bought my wife a GT avalanche from Evans.

    Brilliant bike, does everything she asks. She is same height as your GF and has a small frame, fits perfectly. ... 0avalanche

    Best of luck
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