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Cutting Down Handlebars

markshaw77markshaw77 Posts: 437
edited January 2010 in The workshop
Quick question...I want to cut down the flat bars on my Spesh Sirrus to make them a little narrower and not feel like I'm driving a barge when I switch from my roadie and/or SS

Now I am happy enough about cutting the bars (pipe cutter or hacksaw) and moving the grips, but in moving the thumb shifters and brake levers, will I have to play with the cabling for the brake/gears to take up any slack created or am I just getting this all wrong in my head?

Longer, term, I may just change the bars to drops (with mini-v brakes and STIs), but if I can get away with this for now, my bank manager would appreciate it!!

Any help much appreciated


  • Matt.KMatt.K Posts: 105
    You should be OK to just move everything inwards a bit.
    Moving the shifters and brake levers won't affect them at all as they just 'float' in the space between the lever and the calliper.

    In fact I was planning on doing exactly the same to my hybrid for the same reasons of swapping from drops on the road bike.
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