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i ordered a set of crank brothers something pedals off of crc for 15 squid and some shimano shoes i was just wondering if the cleats for crank bros are compatible with shimano spd shoes as i hear the cleats are a bit different. by the way anyone looking for anything new for this month check out crc i saved £30 on my pedals and shoes and there are loads more great deals some are mor than half price.


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    My eggbeaters work fine with the supplied cleats and Shimano shoes.

    Not sure if they're all gonna work the same though!
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    I have shimano MT41 shoes and had to use the shim that comes with the pedals. Once the shims were in place thay worked fine for 6 months, which is when the bearing disintegrated and one of the cages fell off the axle, but that's another story ...
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    I was out riding yesterday when I spotted a a sorry looking Crank Bros smarty pedal lying in the middle of the fireroad at Glyncorrwg, gathering dirt. Got to love their reputation for reliability :lol:
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    I've never had a problem with my smarty or eggbeater pedals and the smartys are over 2 years old without any servicing.

    For the OP, it's the cleats that are specific to the pedals, not the shoes.
  • +1, no problem with compatability (shoes must not be 3 hole triangular configuration only-these are for road shoes)

    i have broken a few crank brothers pedals- always the internal bearings never broken the "wings" like some complaints on this forum but put this down to wear and tear, i have also broken shimano and look. still use crank brothers, get on well with them :D