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Lezyne Pressure Drive - seal/end cap

rally200rally200 Posts: 646
edited January 2010 in The workshop
Anyone know where to get the rubber end caps for these, mine (pump end) has disappeared - the onky stockist I've found is SJS Cycles for £6 & £2.50 postage - which is quite steep for a rubber grommit.

or has anyone found an effective DIY bodge.


  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    Email Lezyne directly. They have great customer service and may sell them (or if your lucky, send you one for free).
  • rally200rally200 Posts: 646
    Cheers, tried that & they've directed me to UK distributor - see what happens
  • rally200rally200 Posts: 646
    Well, the UK distributor came back within the day & they are sending me a replacement.

    Shame there aren't more companies with customer service like that.
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