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Freewheel Options

peloton7000peloton7000 Posts: 25
edited January 2010 in Road beginners
Changed the chain on my bike last week didn't change the freewheel gears.

Unfortunately the wear on the rear is causing the gears to slip under load.

The original freewheel was HG37 14-28, I replaced it with a HG50 11-34 a couple of years ago, just to get the higher gearing.

Looking at the options available now (same as before I think) it looks like a HG37 is the best route, I never used the 34 on the HG50, only problem (HG37) is the low gearing a 14 with 48 chainring.

Any other routes available, I know that Sunrace do a 13-28 would need to get a different tool to fit that (or at least to get it off again).


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