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Right bike for ME!!

antlaffantlaff Posts: 583
edited January 2010 in Road beginners
have been commuting on a Focus Maleta for last year and have just bought Kona Haole 2009 - is this a wise move? commuute 70miles per week but looking too put a further 50-70 miles on a road bike ? alll you guys have bought a Focus cayo or Planet X carbon bikes (except the few CAAD9 DISCIPLES).Can anybody give a thumbs up to the Kona? RRP of £1650 bought for £915 on work scheme so will only end on paying approx £600-650 for a 105/ultergra steel bike!!! i want to get out and enjoy the bike at weekend - noy aspiring to win too many races yet?!?!?!?!

by the way - Hotukdeals had a freebie for a nike yellow tour de france short sleeve shirt that i got - would it be totally uncool to wear on a Sunday shunt??/ ... e-ec017285


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