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Removing the steerer plug on TCR carbon forks?

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I;m looking to cut down the steerer tube on my TCR carbon forks and cannot get the expander plug out. Its a two piece affair, the upper most simply screws out leaving the bottom fitting in place very firmly. I don't want to start forcing anything, so am I missing a trick?

I have tried to look for technical information on the fitting at the giant website and hit a brick wall.

Any help would be gratefully received.



  • mmacavitymmacavity Posts: 781
    "If you wish to contact Giant UK for any reason please call us on 0115 9775900"
  • It might be one of the bungs that is fitted independently of the headset tensioning bolt, in which case it is fitted and removed with a larger allen key.

    i.e. once you loosen the bolt connecting the top cap, and slide off the stem, you then have to get a larger allen key and loosen the bung. If it is, make sure you measure how far down it is - these types are a bit of a PITA to re-install. You have to get them "preset" to a press fit, so that you are able to re-tighten (once at the correct height) with an allen key without the whole thing spinning inside the steerer. You also have to decide how tight to fit it, as they are not "self-tightening" with the headset bolt.

    Anyway, shine a torch down your steerer and look for a female allen key fitting larger than the threaded hole for the tensioning bolt.
  • COVECCOVEC Posts: 213

    I have removed the larger allen key bolt that the top cap tensioning bolt attaches to, this leaves a further piece in the steerer tube and it is this bit that is very firmly in place.

    Anyone else had a go at this??

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