turbo trainers are they boring

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im thinking of buying a turbo trainer,i would be gratefull on your on your experances of these,
going downhill slowly


  • cyclops 100% you will not get a bad product i put off getting one for years then around august i bit the bullet and got one from cyclestore.co.uk http://www.cyclestore.co.uk/productDeta ... ctID=17314

    Couldnt be more happy with it 10/10
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    Get one then visit this site http://www.turbotraining.co.uk/
    One with a power meter preferably.
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    Tacx Satori...its all you will need!
  • im thinking of buying a basic one,.what do you think
    going downhill slowly
  • I've got the basic cycleops (Mag) and it's fine for occasional use

    If you are going to become a serious regular user, then spend a bit more

    As for whether it is boring, I guess it depends on your boredom threshold!! I can happily manage an hour - there are plenty of workouts designed around that time span (sufferfest, cadence revolution via iTunes, hour of power, etc) which seem to keep me motivated.

    There is always a good 2nd hand market for them, so if you buy one and don't like it, you are unlikely to be too much out of pocket
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    Yes .. very

    As someone once said to a mate at a tri club meeting:

    'Just get some waterproofs instead'

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    They're a means to an end - I think if you're training for something specific as opposed to just twiddling away for general fitness it helps. I don't find them that bad and I've done up to 2 hours. Just don't expect it to be like riding bike out on the road.
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    Its dire but its the best thing you can do if there is no other option (sick daughter in my case these days and previously bad weather).

    If you can be 1 hour in the turbo you can do anything in life.
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    I've got a couple from different ends of the price spectrum - a Tacx Sirius and a Tacx Flow.

    The Sirius is just fine for general training, I've been using it in the kitchen when it's been too cold to go down the shed and use the Flow (what a wimp!).

    Yes, turbo can be pretty dull, especially for doing sessions where the effort level doesn't change. I just distract myself with music & dvds and get on with it. Cycling is about pain after all :wink:
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    i love my turbo. Now that im using it properly to do structured training its great. I guess im a freak for liking it but there you have it.
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    If you do some structured interval based training on them for not more than an hour they can really add to your race fitness. And if you're finding them boring then you aint trying hard enough :lol:
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