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My newish tyres are these:
front: maxxis ardent 2.25 60a
rear: specialized the captain 2.2 70a/ 60a shoulder

that is how they are layed out at the moment, since the wider, grippier one is supposed to e on the front, but i have noticed the specialized, despite that it's supposed to be smaller, when it's pumped up, it's bigger than the maxxis which is upfront, and has taller, grippier looking knobs. however, the maxxis is a soft compound (60a) all over, whereas the spesh is 70a, and 60a just on the shouldder knobs, so should i keep the slightly thinner, grippier tyre upfront (maxxis ardent) or change to the the slightly fatter, faster rolling tyre upfront (spesh captain)?