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Bike storage question from newbie - please be gentle

tenpastentenpasten Posts: 8
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Hi there,

Very new to the forum and Radar so please bear with me.

I am looking for a way to store my family's bikes (one for each of us plus a couple extra for me - 6 in total) in a relatively small space. I have seen a few hook based systems for front wheels where the bikes hang vertically but cannot find any reviews or things to watch out for.

Does anyone have any experience of these hooks, or any recommendations of other systems that I should look at?

Many thanks for any thoughts and forgive me if this has been discussed before - I have yet to master the search function.



  • I have 4 of these for the job:
    I've got my road bike, his'n'hers MTBs and a commuting hybrid on them and they work well enough for that range of bikes. The kid's bikes are too small to warrant using them yet but I'll be getting some more in a few years time...

  • Thanks for the advice and the link, Underscore.
    This one was on my shortlist already.
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