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Lapierre Pro Race 200

velvetmoogvelvetmoog Posts: 26
edited January 2010 in Your mountain bikes


Forks: Recon SL (red graphics)
Bars: FSA K-Force Carbon
Stem: KCNC Flyride 90mm

Front Caliper: Formulas oro K18
Front disc: Hope Floating - red 60

Rear Caliper: Formulas oro K18
Rear Disc: Hope Floating - red 60

Shifters: SLX

Front Mech: XT
Rear Mech: XT Shadow

Seat Post: Exotic Carbon

Cranks: FSA K-Force Carbon

Cassette: XT
Pedals: Shimano SPD

Front Wheel: Mavic Cross ride

Back Wheel: Mavic cross ride

Weight: 10.8 Kg


  • Pretty pretty!! :D:D

    That is a lovely looking bike!
    Proved by testing to be faster than a badger.
    The world's ultimate marmite bike
  • DamonCDamonC Posts: 263
    Very sexy, nice mix of components :)
    Suffering from the light bike fat git syndrome.
  • Love it !
    2015 Cannondale Trigger Carbon 2
    2014 Canyon Ultimate Al
    2008 Kona Stinky
    2000 Specialized P3
  • those white grips dont stay white for long :evil:
    It`s changed a bit since...
    2010 Zesty 314
  • Yup been scrubbing those for days...

    Next on the list is some SID Team forks and some light weight wheels, not decided which ones yet, but def gonna go for the red Hope pro2 hubs... and prob red nipples... And some XTR shifters.. Just gotta see if i can slip £900 worth of receipts past the Mrs...

    Then "i'll build her a bike!"
  • I love it how much was it
    Just ride.
  • cheers,

    i think full price it was £1300, it was in the sale at £999 and i got it on the cycle to work scheme, so it ended up costing me £600.

    So now i feel like i can spend some money making it lighter and a bit more bling haha... I was well into it when i was younger and always dreamed of having a really nice bike so now i can splash a bit of cash on it i am going to!!
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