Lightweight, waterproof, fitted, hi-viz shell needed. Ideas?

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As the subject line states, I need a new waterproof for evening road rides. Got an old Milano top I use for off road but it's just too boil-in-the-bag for road use, and a bit flappy too. FYI, I'm 6', a little long in the body, broad shouldered, 35" waist, 43" chest and 18 1/4" inside arm.

Key criteria are:

- Reasonably lightweight
- Waterproof rather than water resistant
- Highly breathable; ideally with pit-zips or other adjustable venting (not the done thing on road wear I know, but I'm a sweater!)
- Highly visible: a loud base colour for day/dusk visibility and lots of reflective bits
- Cycle specific cut
- Pocket/s with waterproof closure

Looked at a few and while some come close, none hit all of my requirements. While I'm willing to accept that my expectations may be unreasonably high, I'd be chuffed to bits if someone could suggest a shell that met all the above criteria.

So far I've looked at:

- Altura 'Reflex Ergo', hi-viz yellow: great cut, good fabric (according to reviews), waterproof(ish) pocket and loud as f@c$! Could only be better if it had pit-zips
- Altura 'Night Vision', hi-viz yellow: too baggy and not breathable enough
- Polaris 'PBK Neutron': looks fantastic, but it's black
- Various Mavics: great stuff but a little too pricey and not bright enough
- Pearl Izumi 'Vagabond' and 'Barrier Pro': again, great garments but only water resistant
- Gore 'Oxygen': lovely, but no vents or waterproof pocket and not loud enough

All ideas - barring the obvious 'Blue Peter bin bag specials' - welcome.



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    How about this? ... jacket/246 It doesn't have vents but is highly breathable and meets your other criteria. It's waterproof to 10,000mm so not as good as eVent but still waterproof. Montane do an eVent jacket but I haven't got one and I'm not sure if it has vents and a pocket.
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    endura stealth has 4 vents ,"breathable "-- nothing is truly breathable if you are training hard , and waterproof .
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    Cheers for the ideas.

    - The Montane looks good; will have to find a shop where I can try one on.

    - Was very tempted by the Stealth but fear it'd be too warm for me as want a year-round shell if possible; to wear over a short sleeved jersey on wet summer rides and a thermal jersey on winter rides.

    - The Norra (Batty?) looks great, if terrifyingly expensive!

    I'm trawling the forums and online retailers like a nutter but I'm bound to miss stuff, so keep 'em coming folks.
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    Gore contest, in tellow/black?

    I nearly bought the Endura Flyte in the new year, but went for the Gore path.

    The flyte is more breatheable, waterproof to 12,000mm, has pit zips and is available in fluo. But all the zips and things make it a bit bulkier.

    The Gore xenon looks perfect for road use but is expensive and no vents.

    The Altura Pocket Rocket is really light and packable but no zips.

    DHB wickham is eVent good value and I read a review that said the insulating was poor (which is good for a shell IMHO) but it's only available in bright red or black. No vents.

    Generally things with more venting are bulkier, packable things have less pockets.
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    Went for the Altura Reflex Ergo in the end. Very good fit and seems to breathe pretty well. Not used it in torrential rain yet but will report back if I drown :wink: