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My Prophet

largephillargephil Posts: 358
edited March 2010 in Your mountain bikes
Just a few pics for you 8)


RP23 Rear shoch and some Hope Tech M4'S next on the shopping list :D


  • Very nice 8)
  • ramemtbersramemtbers Posts: 1,562
    looking good loving the colours and some very nice spec.
  • Very nice!

    Where did you get the white Crud Catcher from?
  • Rich9Rich9 Posts: 1,635
    now that is bang on 8) Very nice

    What tyres are they. Hutchinson what?
    2014 Whyte T-129S
  • JamesBrckmnJamesBrckmn Posts: 1,360
    uber nice 8) :D
    What handlebars are they?
  • largephillargephil Posts: 358
    Thanks guys 8)

    Tyres are Hutchinson Toros. Came with the bike but seem to be good all rounders.

    Bars are FSA K-Forse DH carbon bars. They had a great sale price at Merlin a couple of weeks ago. Might still be in the sale there if your intrested :wink:

    Crudcatcher was Merlin too :)
  • gt sigt si Posts: 73
    nice prophet that my mate, not quite as nice as my kona coilair supreme though!!! try and stay sunny side up next time we go out eh!!!
  • largephillargephil Posts: 358
    Thats what you get for trying to catch a coilair supreme on a downhill :lol:

    At least it was a nice soft landing in all that mud :oops:

    Will update my pics when I get my big rotors on :twisted:
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