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What 26" rims/tyres will fit under modern calipers?

laelae Posts: 555
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Or maybe I should be asking if modern calipers will fit over an old 1 3/8" wide rim.

My girlfriend has a rather pretty 80s Raleigh Caprice that I restored a few years ago for her. It's starting to show it's age again, especially the chromed steel wheels (which are rusty, incredibly heavy and have rubbish braking in the wet).

So I plan to replace them with 26"x 1 3/8 aluminium wheels (I will rebuild the SA hub into the rear wheel). Tyres will be 26"x 1 3/8 Schwalbe Delta Cruisers (in a delightful cream colour). 1 3/8" is about 35mm wide, but I don't know if that equates to the rim width or the width of the inflated tyre, and it's probably just a convention rather than an absolute size. I don't have the bike to hand so I can't measure it! I'll happily go for any rim/tyre so long as it's 26" and narrow enough to fit under a modern caliper.

Now the calipers on the bike are pretty useless pressed-steel single-pivot-sidepull affairs, which squirm and flex all over the place and are getting quite rusty too. I'd like to upgrade them to a more modern design. So does anyone know of a rim/tyre/caliper combo that I can use, or give any advice?


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,404
    If you're replacing the wheels with ones of the same size, then calipers of the same drop will work. Short drop brakes which wouldn't allow tyres of that size through are generally only found on racing bikes without mudguard clearances, so you can probably get a caliper to fit.

    To measure the caliper, you're after the vertical distance between the bolt which goes through the frame and the brake pads. Short drop calipers are 37-47mm, long drop are 47-57 and ultra longs are available at over 57, but they're rare.

    Unfortunately, unless anyone has a Caprice to measure or you can find the info online, you're a bit stuck without being able to measure the calipers...
  • zoomartzoomart Posts: 6
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    Hi. My house mate has an original caprice with chrome rims.. If you give me the measurements you need ie where to where. I can get them for you. the rims are 1 3/8 wide as I have measured those and I have succesfully fitted a 26 inch mountain bike rim with a 26 x 1.95 off road tyre on it just needs the brake pads to be moved further down the slot.
  • zoomartzoomart Posts: 6
    The rim in question is an alesa xplorer safety line double wall jobby. therefore at a guess any equivalent sized modern caliper will do the job.
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    Chances are he's not looking any more!
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