Desperately looking for 16 x 1 1/8 tube w/ schrader valve

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...and can't find one anywhere

defintely need a schrader, not presta, valve, and cannot accommodate a 1 and 3/8 since it runkles and is causing tyre to distort and p*uncture.

any (polite) suggestions???

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  • Wooliferkins
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    All the 16" we list start at 1 3/8 but do 16x1 3/8 to18x1 1/8, working on this what about stretching a 14x1 3/4?
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  • not a bad idea! thanks... :lol:
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  • Phone Avon Valley Cyclery in Bath, Somerset. They do loads of 'odd' or rare tube and valve combos due to them being folding bike specialists.

    tel: 01225 442442
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    I Have loads of odd size tubes. All new old stock .I will have a look.

    Had a good rumage .No can do. :shock: Every thing else but. :roll:
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    Is there a particular reason you NEED Schrader? You can get rubber grommets to convert the rim hole.
  • priory
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    you do not need to bother with this at all

    Just get any size tube with the right valve, fold the tube in a z shape as you put it in to effectively shorten it. you could consider rubber bands or glue but I do not bother at all.

    You might think it will feel bumpy as you ride, but it does not. If you think it does you are imagining it.Remember , all the tube does is keep air at the chosen pressure inside the tyre.

    the only problem is that it can be awkward to keep it in place while you reseat the bead and you cannot really put any /much air in it until you have done that.

    I discovered this one day when I had an awful time getting a 20inch conti sport contact on. I destroyed all my 20 inch tubes and was scratching my head while swearing like a lunatic. Then I remembered asking at a cycle shop for an unusual tube and the salesman saying ''well, you don't really need the right size''. Naturally, I assumed he was an idiot and would have smiled patronisingly and wandered off.
    The big tube is still in that tyre and I have no plans for what to do if it punctures. I might have to chop it off.

    I also recall a folded tube in a childs bike years ago.
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  • priory
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    And I don't believe a slightly wide tube is causing a problem unless you are trapping it with the bead as you reseat it. Put half the air in then massage the tyre and pull the bead about for a minute before fully inflating. use lots of talc or spit or soap so things slip on easier.
    If you have trapped the tube badly while getting the bead on then it needs mending again.
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