UK Stockists of the Bianchi San Jose

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does anyone know of any UK stockists of this bike?
Or an easy(ish) way to obtain one in UK?

Thank you.



  • anyone ?

    Or anyone have any advise buying from one of these fixie constructing workshops in London?
  • Hi Joeyjojo, All I can tell you is that last year I struck up corespondance with Bianchi in the UK and Europe regarding the import of their range of US steel road bike models. The confirmed to me that they did not import the US range into the UK and gave no indication that they would consider it. I suggested that this was a shame in the vain hope that by registering interest they might, in the future, have a rethink.

    I didnt have the energy to try to import one from the US myself.
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  • Ahhh thanks for the respone Bender. I did think as much.
    I was thinking of getting a bike maker in London to construct me a bike to the exact specs as the San Jose. Do you think this is a good idea ?
  • Tom Butcher
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    I would have bought a San Jose too - seems like just the kind of thing that might sell well over here.

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  • Fixies seem to be quite popular at the moment, Strada in Bristol, (yes it's a bit of a way out of london) do a "fixation" which they make up to your spec and can proabaly sort the paint too if you need some thing particular. So I guess there must be others out there who would do the same.

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