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Focus Cayo 105

ClockworkaliClockworkali Posts: 113
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Here is my Focus Cayo 105 with a few upgrades. Just needs a chain, the rear mech setting up and the steerer tube shortening.





  • stubeestubee Posts: 25
    Cool ride! Loving the black cranks.
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  • Thanks, See your from Newmarket. I live in Kedington near Haverhill.
  • Wow! i've never seen proper photos of the 09 cayo, it looks really good in the....carbon
    The only reason i was put off one was simply because it was last years model, which was a bit silly of me.
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  • galatzogalatzo Posts: 1,295
    How much is remaining from the original spec ?
    Just looked at Wiggle and it seems you only have frame, forks, post, brakes, sti's and headset.
    Good work - you can't have had it that long being an 09 and the pimping is out of control !
    I got a Cayo Campa at the end of August and all that remains is frame, forks, post, headset and groupset. Just gotta get myself a Thomson post to match the stem and then I can post a picture and start looking for a new bike !
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  • stubeestubee Posts: 25
    Cool! we sometimes cycle out near you on a sunday morning for a quick 60 miles. Join us anytime you like. Just me and the father out law at the mo. (sometimes a couple of friends too)
    All very chilled and no plans/specific training just milage.

    Be in touch by PM if you like.

    Play for more than you can afford to lose.......then you will learn the game. (winston churchill)
  • Hi Stubee

    Will pm you when the weather gets a bit better. I am a bit of a fair weather road rider but use the mtb all year round. I have just got back from a 30mile ride in the cold and dark but feel better for it.
  • Hi Galatzo

    Only got the cayo two weeks ago. I first planned to build up a Planet X carbon frame using parts of my old bike and some new ultegra sl parts i had. Anyway i returned the Planet X frame because the quality and finish of the one i got wasnt up to much. I have changed the wheels, bars, stem, f and r mech, chainset, cassette and saddle. This may be a bit over the top but i had the bits ready for a frame plus i will sell all the spare part so i shouldnt be to out of pocket.

    I will post some more picks once its complete.
  • nice bike, a team mate has got it in the Milram colours with SRAM Rival and they look quality in the flesh.

    Have you upgraded to Ultegra or planning on upgrading from Ultegra?
  • I have upgraded the front and rear mech from 105 to Ultegra SL as i had them already. I changed the FSA 50 34 chanset to an Ultegra SL 53 39 as i wanted a larger chain ring. Not sure if i will bother changing the 105 shifters or brakes as i dont think i will see the benefits.
  • DomProDomPro Posts: 321
    Have you notice any difference between the 105 and Ultegra RD ?
    Shazam !!
  • I changed the RD before i used the bike as i wanted a short cage so i cant compare function wise. Its a little lighter and a looks great in the grey finish. I have also changed the FD from 105 to Ultegra Sl which was a waste of time as i cant see much difference apart from the colour and a few screws.
  • It is also abit lighter mate and a it crisper if you have it set up perfectly
  • carl_pcarl_p Posts: 989
    Yes a nice bike indeed. Actually I wouldn't cut down the steerer, looks fine how it is and allows for a bit of room for adjustment if you ever need it.

    Have read the Focus can be a bit harsh. How are you finding it comfort wise?
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  • I love my Focus i have the lesser talked about Culebro and for a alluminium framed bike it is a dream to ride and a nipper arond corners
    It is lighter than my Tarmac Elite and tht is saying something!!

    Click on them to get bigger pictures of them My Culebro is the fav but nto the dearest lol !!
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