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Custom build Giant XTC (new pics upgraded)

gunga73gunga73 Posts: 125
edited February 2011 in Your mountain bikes
These are pics of my Giant XTC 2010 custom build, what do you think? ... 3236722142


  • looks really good 8)
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  • gunga73gunga73 Posts: 125
    frame is medium 18" fox forks f120 rl 15mm thru axle, xt shifters and mechs and bb, raceface deus xc bars stem and chainset, xtr gear cables and chain, wtb laser trail wheelset, raceface evolve seatpost and sdg bel air saddle ti rails, hope rear skewer and seatclamp, hayes stroker trail brakes, odi yeti lock on grips
  • bones3027bones3027 Posts: 152
    Very nice and well specc'd go job mate.
  • llamafarmerllamafarmer Posts: 1,893
    Gorgeous mate, love the colour scheme!
  • tdougantdougan Posts: 152
    love it dude!

    I have the same frame! love those tyres make it soo much more butch!
  • gunga73gunga73 Posts: 125
    The tyres are Kenda Nevegals
  • Looking good
  • AndyAndy Posts: 8,208
  • gunga73gunga73 Posts: 125
    Latest pic was taken at Cogra Moss, Cumbria
  • gunga73gunga73 Posts: 125
    new pics added
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    Nice build and I like it, does the frame have smooth gloss finish or rough matt finish? and what travel you running on the forks?

    I think Giant bikes are great bikes, excellent design too.

    Enjoy 8)
  • Thought I'd commented on this one :lol:

    Looks stunning though... that frame is lush!
  • gunga73gunga73 Posts: 125
    The frame has got a matt finish i wouldn't say it was rough though, i'm running 120mm on the forks
  • gunga73gunga73 Posts: 125
    Any suggestions?
  • gunga73gunga73 Posts: 125
    I've changed the tyres to Maxxis ignitors, the Kenda's were slow
  • Was going to say - the nevegals are good through rocky stuff but they roll slow and run scared at the sight of muddy trails. They don't give much warning when they're about to let go either!

    That XTC build is lovely - I've got a similar frame built up with Rebas, X9 and a few bits and pieces that are in the process of being upgraded.

    What weight have you got yours to?
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  • gunga73gunga73 Posts: 125
    Havn't weighed it, feels light though, at a guess i would say about 23-24lb, maybe less.
  • tptvmbircntptvmbircn Posts: 782
    Those Giants are ace, makes me want the trance (in white) so much more!
  • gunga73gunga73 Posts: 125
    Thinking about putting carbon bars on, race face next xc sl.
  • El CapitanoEl Capitano Posts: 13,671
    Nice, very nice. How are you finding running 120's on that frame? I ran some MX Pro 120's on my 2004 frame for a few years. It was okay, but when I put 80mm SIDs on there, it made such an improvement to the bike's position.

    Also, keep a watchful eye on the top-cap of that Seatpost. The seat-clamp mechanism has a habit of levering them off. I've had 2 replaced under warrenty and won't use them now.

    This is so making me want to build up my hardtail again...
  • gunga73gunga73 Posts: 125
    I'm finding the 120's running well, had 100's on first and i think the 120's feel better, i suppose people have different preferences, having no problem with seatpost so far but will keep an eye on it, thanks for the heads up.
  • gunga73gunga73 Posts: 125
    Just upgraded bars and seatpost to Raceface Next sl, will post pics soon.
  • gunga73gunga73 Posts: 125
    My top tube has developed a crack near the seat tube, have to get replacement frame. gutted :cry:
  • gunga73gunga73 Posts: 125
    In the process of getting frame replaced
  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    If I ever get my XTC powdercoated,I might have to nick yours as inspiration. 8)

    My forks were originally set at 85mm but I recently removed the internal spacer to get 100mm.Much better on the descents now,and does`nt seem to have runined the quick steering.

    Interesting to see you running yours at 120mm.

    What were Giant like to deal with to get the frame replaced?

    First time I have ever heard of a Giant XTCframe failing.

    experience of my own XTC is that they are pretty robust,though mine is an older model,without the skinny tapering top tube.
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  • gunga73gunga73 Posts: 125
    Giant have been great, getting replacement frame on tuesday, coming from netherlands, it's been just over a week, so i'm quite happy with the service.
  • gunga73gunga73 Posts: 125
    Received new frame minus headset, so having to wait for giant to send the one off my old frame. not impressed like
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