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Does anyone know if the new shimano ultegra 6700 sti's are compatible with an old ultegra 10 speed rear mech and a 105 front mech??


  • Bugly
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    why shouldnt they be?

    1) have used campag, sram and shimano front derailluers with shimano sti front lever - frand is irrelevent here. (same the other way)

    will work with the older rear 10 speed
  • redddraggon
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    Bugly wrote:
    why shouldnt they be?

    Officially 6700 front much be paired with 6700 shifters. This is largely due to the increased chainring spacing on the 6700/7900 chainsets. an the increased need for more cable pull or different front mech geometry.

    However any old mech will probably be fine.
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  • sprintkid
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    Thanks for your help guys :D