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Guys I'm sure this is a regular question in here and I think i've asked it before... lol


What tyres to people recommend? I'm primarily using the bike for trail centre riding or Cross Country with some DH aspects.

I'm thinking on going for the Maxxis HIgh Roller 2.35" Tyre.... or sticking with what I Know and going for the Spesh Fast Trak tyres which came stock on the bike, but they aint too hot in loose ground!

whats your thoughts?

Most trail riding is done on harder packed ground so not really needing much for mud shifting tyres....

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    What bike is it for? What do your DH aspecs involve.

    Also what budget and is weight a concern?
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    My Rockhopper - so its mainly for XC and trail riding, with the DH aspect being the DH being the other side of the climb from the XC at the centre :)

    Budget, about £25 - £30 per tyre top line - the missus wouldn't want me spending more on tyres for the bike than I do for the car! LOL

    Weight isn't a major factor but the lighter the better.....

    Sorry I'm quite fussy!
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    While no doubt a great tyre for many people, they do strike me as overkill - the basic versions are heavy, and the 2.35 is big!

    Always go for folding tyres - they are quite a bit lighter for just a few quid more and do make a difference.

    I'd probably opt for the more XC and trail side of things given your bike and outlook. I ride similar to you and like the Conti SpeedKing Protection. The 2.3 is not as big as it sounds, but roll fast and decent grip ion most conditions except wet slimy surfaces.
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    is there ever a day goes by that this question is not asked?? Use the search, plenty of advice to be found.......

    sounds similar to my type of riding, I prefer schwalbe nobby nics for winter, Panaracer trailrakers for real nasty conditions and racing ralphs for dry going, mix the two NN front RR rear for mixed conditions
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    the Minions are a bit better in the mud than the high rollers, i run a 2.35 folding high roller on the front for Xc and its pretty damn good on any hardpack or loose, doesnt perform very well on mud tho. 2.35- its def not over kill for trail centres, you can corner so much quicker with a decent front tyre.
    like stated above go for the folding-fair bit lighter
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    But check clearences - 2.35 with darts and rockhoppers may not be good!
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    glen4 wrote:
    is there ever a day goes by that this question is not asked?? Use the search, plenty of advice to be found.......

    I know - and TBH i was waiting for the "check the search facility" but I'm In the office though so the browser window is like a letterbox at the bottom of the screen so the boss don't catch me! haha! ;)

    Will have to wait till pay day none the less - January is just far too long a month!!

    The speed king is looking like the winner!
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    Not bang on topic but if your looking to buy new tyres i can recomend Next Day Tyres.
    I have ordered a few pairs of tyres from them ant the service is fantastic and the price is very good too. :D
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    supersonic wrote:
    But check clearences - 2.35 with darts and rockhoppers may not be good!

    Yep... my LBS recommended the 2.1 High Rollers for a Rockhopper. The Fast Tracks are pants in these muddy conditions. No idea how good they are mind as I haven't got round to fitting them yet :oops: . Been just too bloody cold and icy.
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    i've got high roller 2.35 on both my kona cindercone and the wife's rockhopper and clearance is not an issue unless you're riding in very very thick claggy mud. most bridleways are fine and they will certainly suit trail centres.
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    I have used both High rollers and minions on both my Dh and Xc bikes and am planning on going back to IMaxxis gnitors on my Xc bike as they seem to provide the best all round grip i need, much better than the others in mud and only slight less grip in the dry, and can be had for a good price from next day tyres.

    Note - i do use a old Single Ply wetscream 2.2 on back when it gets really muddy.
  • Hello,

    I have a pair of Maxxis Minions on my lapierre both 2.35 width. Front is a 42a and the rear a harder 60a. Grip perfectly and dont hold mud much.


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