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Hi, i'm basically brand new to mountain biking properly... As in I've never road trails or done XC, it's something I;ve had an interest in for quite a while.

I've been sharing an Aggressor GT 3.0 with my dad for a couple of years, but i have only been riding the roads and like really mild off road sections. I've decided i want to start it properly and I've ended up buying myself a GT Aggressor XC2 2009. I'm going to put bigger tires on, buy my gear and start it all off with my Uncle who rides downhills and trails.

So, i just made this thread to tell you this :p I really hope this bike is worth getting, and i look forward to riding off road :D
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  • Welcome to the world of MTB.

    Becomes addictive!

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    Welcome to the forum fella. Off-road is all good.
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    Cheers guys, I'm only 17 so have a lot to look forward to :) Anyone know of any good trails in Newcastle / Gateshead?
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  • Plenty of trails if you venture out a bit. Chopwell, Hamsterly, etc, and you'll find plenty of rides round each corner, but you might be pushed a bit actually in the city!
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    Hi, glad you found us. The forum is broken up into a number of sections, there is a routes section as well. Might be worth starting a thread in there about local routes (have a go with the search function first, it might throw up what you're looking for, or it may not, it's not always that help :roll: ).

    Not familiar with the bike but looking at the spec online it looks like a good one to start riding off road with, certainly nothing jumps out as being a problem, good choice.
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    Hey and welcome!

    Tony :D