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Fat censored -v- fat bike

eltonionieltonioni Posts: 82
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I'm intrigued to hear of a few opinions on the performance benefits of losing weight off my fatt censored -v- losing weight off my fat assed bike.

A few kilos of gut feels like the cheaper and more effective option before I worry about a couple of hundred grams here and there.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    There was a big thread on this a few months ago that will be worth finding.

    It is more noticable on the bike for mechanical reasons and how we move the bike under us.
  • Why not spend food money making the bike lighter, then you will have no choice but to lose weight off both.

    That's what I'm doing this year (well, kind of). Chocolate and pop money goes on the bike. Brucey bonus!
  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    Because putting lighter components on your bike does not reduce your blood pressure, unclog your arteries, increase your ability to absorb oxygen or make you popular.

    Being healthy and losing weight does.
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  • I'd love to do both. No idea what my bike weighs but it feels like its two bikes, and at around 17 stone myself, I swear to god I struggle sometimes on level bits, nevermind going uphill LMAO
    Do it.
  • I have lost 2 and half stone since I started biking, and I still have the same bike, but it feels completely different now because of the lesser weight. So from experience I would suggest losing some weight, and as one of the posts above says you'll be healthier!

    I'm using a new bike as an incentive to myself, only one more stone to go then I can upgrade my entry level bike to some a bit better!
  • Dr SDr S Posts: 146
    A light bike is fantastic, no questions there.

    A lighter me, trying for 180lbs from 200lbs will give me more speed up the climbs than the difference the bike makes, the decision to buy the light bike now I need to improve the lightness of me, hopefully that'll do the trick..
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