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My wife and I are thinking about converting a building into selfcatering/bunk house for cyclists It is in the brecon beacons national park and on a sustrans route. The question is when booking this sort of accomadation what do you look for and where do you look all contibutions greatfully recieved. Andy
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    Hi Andy,

    I haven't booked this type of accomodation before, but I would look for the usual things plus:

    1. A bath as well as a shower;
    2. A drying room like you might find in a hostel for ramblers;
    3. Somewhere secure to keep our bikes when they're not is use; and
    4. Good, healthy meals.

    Bonus features could be:

    5. Energy bars, drinks available to buy in case guests run out; and
    6. Coin-op laundry facility.


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    Accomodation* :)

    +1 to Ben.
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    Best thing I would say is to look in the 'Holidays' section of the mags, then snoop around the websites.
    You'll soon be able to see the most popular formula.

    Besides Bens thoughts, you definately need to allow for:

    A well equipped workshop.
    A selection of basic parts.
    Possible hire bikes, or a deal with LBS.
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    Easy to book
    Friendly welcome!
    Lots of showers, lots of hot water
    Maps of local rides
    Clean, well-aired rooms.

    Recommendations from cycling friends that include any of the following;

    Fridge full of cold drinks
    Safe bike storage
    Hose and buckets
    Track pump and some basic tools? Chain them to the wall if you have to!
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  • Breakdown recovery service (for a small premium)l
    Online booking;
    Plenty of (free) car parking;
    Afternoon tea (and cake) for when you return.
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    Include all of the above and you'll have a booking off me :D

    Not all of the above ofcourse but all good idea's, +1 to all of it, knowledge of the local riding area would be handy, gradings of routes etc, kind of a "where do I go if I want an X kind of ride mate..?"

    Definately energy bars before the ride and as much food as I can fit in my belly afterwards :lol: somewhere to hose the bike down, security no brainer as mentioned. Friendly service etc yes yes yes.

    Always keep it fresh clean and tidy for every new guest. But you knew that already :wink:

    Good luck, PM me when it's ready
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    A bike-riding owner. It's always nice when the owner knows something about the clients, whether it's skiing, walking, cycling etc. It makes the experience more personal.

    As for local rides, it's worth seeing what's available on sites like or where riders can download routes to GPS before they arrive. And get riders to upload their routes at the end of the week too.

    I agree with all of the above, and will add 'jet wash' to the list. This will help you and them.
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    In this high-tech day & age, another useful facility to offer is free wi-fi for guests. 8)
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