Speedplay pedals unclipping easy.....?

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I am considering upgrading my old SPD Rs to some Speedplay X2 Stainless pedals. I've read about all the advantages, which mainly relate to the float, less stress on the knees and double sided clipping in, but there is little mention on how easy they are to unclip. If there is loads of float does this mean the unclipping action has to be even more pronounced and possibly planned more in advance than say SPDs or Keos?

I don't have knee problems at the moment and main issue with me is the ease of unclipping. Clipping in on a one sided pedal isn't as difficult as people seem to make out (and I don't encounter that many traffic lights/junctions). My SPDs need a unnerving good yank to get out of, so I don't want to be in the same situation with vastly more expensive Speedplays.
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    They're dead easy as long as you don't overtighten the screws which attach the cleats to the shoes. I also wouldn't bother with the X series pedals and would opt for the zero's instead. That way you get a chance to modifiy the float. I've had both and definitely prefer the zero's. I found that I had less joint pain by being able to restrict the float a little.
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    im the oposite and prefer the Xs over the zeros

    they are incredbily easy t get out of though, and much nicer on the knees for me over time attacks, shimano etc
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