Which chainsette and cassette?

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I'm getting a Kona Major Jake frameset that will be ridden on the road with either 700x25 or sometimes 700x35 tyres.

I want easy gearing to go up hills and the 2 examples below are what I know and wouldn't want anything "harder".

1. triple with outer rings 48 and 28 and rear cassette 12-26 -- I love the range and in particular the easy gear for steep hills

2. 11-32 cassette and 53 chainring -- this obviously lacks the range of (1) but is still usable. I would however prefer bigger range and if I had to trade range an easier easy gear.

So... looking at Ultegra level kit (not wedded to shimano necessarily, but prefer something easily available). I putt in the numbers for a compact double chainset with 11-28 cassette in Sheldon Brown's calculator... and the easy gear isn't easy enough compared with what I have used in example 1 and 2 above.

No way would I go harder gearing than example 2 -- not good for my knees.

What choices do I have?

As I see it, either a triple or a mountain bike groupset.

I was hoping to stay away from either option because of the less than perfect chainline / increased weight of mtn bike bits and pieces (unless I can combine a compact double with something like a SRAM 11-32 (looks like Shimano has no Ultegra 11-32 equivalent - not that I can see for sale on the usual websites at least?) cassette but do Ultegra and SRAM play nicely together?).

What are you thoughts on best option for me?

Should I maybe go SRAM mountain bike gears to take advantage of that sram 11-32 cassette and still be able to use just a double rather than the "messier" triple?

Advice please pple.