3-4 days in May/June, where to go ?

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So we had a motorbike trip to Portimao track which has been cancelled so we have 3-4days at end of May to do anything we fancy.

So my thoughts are to involve MTB's instead.

Our usual stuff is local trails, Swinley and Afan. Not been to anywhere else yet, but likely to head to Sherwood pines soon as mate lives close.

So... 1 of the lads is a downhill fiend and hates climbing. The other is a plodder and just gets on with the hills and quite enjoys them :) me, i'm an uphill lover and the downhills are just something to complete LOL.

We have cars etc so no issue on that side of thing. We live by London if a quick jaunt to France is the best plan? (seemed to be £140 to Chamonix on overnight train which looks tempting)

So... where should we head to get the best of all worlds ?

Leave Thurs (afternoon) getting back Tues i rekon at latest.

multiple centres perfectly possible / viable...

We're starting in Southern UK near Reading.


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    7 Stains? Bit of a drive mind.
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    Lake District. No other option.
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    me, i'm an uphill lover

    Each to their own :D

    Seriously though- get on the train to Chamonix it'll be fantastic
  • I don't think it would be worth you coming up for Sherwood pines!

    It's my local'ish trail and I think its a bit tame compared to some of the places in Wales I've been and its not that big so wouldn't be suitable for a 3 to 4 day jaunt unless you like doing the same trail lots of times!! It's more of an afternoon place in my opinion!

    I was only reading about Chamonix this morning, it sounds amazing!

    I love the sound my tyres make on dusty single track!
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    If it's 3 days, maybe Fort William by train? There's a bit of a lack of XC riding there though, 2 days of riding left me satisfied but if you want to do 3 you'd really need to look at some "natural" riding or doing the full DH as well as the various reds. Or head over to Laggan mebbe.

    Otherwise, Glentress and Innerleithen, you'll cover every single one of those different "wants" and everyone can have a crack at each other's addictions if they fancy it.

    Otherwise an alp or a pyrenees of some sort maybe.
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